Frequently Asked Questions

Real Mignonette bride Lauren

Real Mignonette bride Lauren



What is Mignonette Bridal? What designers do you carry?

Mignonette Bridal is the showroom of Chicago designer Kpoene’ Kofi-Nicklin. The space is a tiny jewel box with a tightly-edited selection of gowns; brides can browse the gowns available or make an atelier appointment to discuss designing a bespoke gown. Mignonette also specializes in heirloom gown revamping for brides who want to transform a family gown into a modern masterpiece. We sometimes feature trunk shows from visiting designers; keep an eye on our blog to see who we are bringing to town!

Where are your gowns made? How long does it take?

Mignonette is committed to creating all of our gowns in the US, and specifically in Chicago whenever possible.  Our materials come from the finest European lace and silk mills and are carefully sourced to ensure quality and exclusivity.  We ask for 6 months to create a gown.

How much does a gown cost?

Our collection gowns range from $2,700-$10,000. Sur Measure, our bespoke design service,  begins at $4,200, and Mignonette reuse Studio, our heirloom gown revamping service,  begins at $2,200. Samples are $800-$1,600. 

Do you provide alterations?

Mignonette recommends our sister company Ette- The Wedding Tailor, for the best wedding gown alterations in the Midwest. 

I’ve never done this before -What is the process like?  Can I just come in and choose a design?

Mignonette’s showroom features collection gowns for brides who want to choose from existing designs, as well as a bespoke design service for brides who want a true couture experience. We also offer a constantly-updated selection of sample gowns for brides who find a one-of-a-kind treasure.

The process is simple - come in, get comfortable, and tell us about your perfect day. Once you choose a design, we ask for 5-6 months to create your gown. When the gown is finished, you will be directed to a qualified alterationist (We recommend Ette) for tailoring. 



What is heirloom revamping? Why is it called "Reuse Studio"?

Is there a vintage wedding gown in your family that you would love to wear, but you can’t imagine wearing as-is? Bring it to us and find out how we can transform an outdated but beloved gown into a modern design that preserves your heritage and reflects your personality! We called it Reuse Studio because it seemed catchy at the time, and now the name is on the door! 

What sizes do you offer?

Our samples range between 4-12. Please contact us if you require a particular size as we are happy to accommodate! We are actively working to offer a broader size range so we can offer our designs to more brides. 

How do I make an appointment?  Can I walk in?

Because we want to take time getting to know each bride, we require that you make an appointment. Appointments are 45 minutes to 1 hour and we ask that you not bring more than 4 people so that we can get to know you without distractions. Not to mention, the showroom is tiny, so more than 4 people won't have anywhere to sit.

Wait- don't you do alterations?

While we strive to ensure your best fit from the beginning, sometimes alterations are needed. After 4 years of providing incredible alterations to Chicago's brides, we are proud to debut our sister company Ette, The Wedding Tailor! If tailoring is what your gown needs, click over to Ette to have a look around! 

Does bespoke mean you will copy a gown I want but cannot afford?

Sur Measure ('to measure" in French) is our bespoke service. We adore creating couture gowns with our brides, and this option is for brides who would like to work with our designer on a truly one-of-a-kind piece. We do not copy other designer’s work.

Who is Kpoene’? How am I supposed to pronounce that?

Kpoene' is the Creative Director and founder of Mignonette Bridal and Ette. The easiest way to say it is “Pen-nay”, like the pasta. We are always thinking about pasta. If you want to know a little more about KP, click here.